FIGURE 4-1 Ant-Lat_System on CUTAWAY DORSAL VIEW of BRAIN & CORD drbstcrd_4_5c.html
FIGURE 4-2 Ant Lat System___SOMATOTOPIC ORGANIZATION in the CORD crdcm_2_1c.html
FIGURE 4-2a The Indirect (Paleo) Spinothalamic Pathway drcrdsld_4_1a.html
FIGURE 4-2b The Direct (Neo) Spinothalamic Pathway (for Sharp Pain) drcrdsld_4_1b.html
FIGURE 4-2c The Direct (Neo) Spinothalamic Pathway (for Temperature) drcrdsld_4_1c.html
FIGURE 4-3 Ant Lat System___SLIDE CALL UP FIGURE drbstcrd_4_5d.html
FIGURE 4-4 Trigeminal_System on DORSAL VIEW of BRAIN & CORD drbstcrd_5_6a.html
FIGURE 4-5 Trigeminal_System on DORSAL VIEW of BRAIN & CORD drbstcrd_5_6b.html
FIGURE 4-6 Trigeminal_System on DORSAL VIEW of BRAIN & CORD drbstcrd_5_6c.html
FIGURE 4-7 Trigeminal_System on DORSAL VIEW of BRAIN & COR drbstcrd_5_6d.html
FIGURE 4-8 Trigeminal System___SLIDE CALL UP FIGURE drbstcrd_5_6e.html
FIGURE 4-9 A Comparison of Sensory Systems comp_7b2.htm
FIGURE 4-10 Draw in the Trigeminal Pathways drpath_1_1b1.html
FIGURE 4-11 Draw in the Anterolatral Pathways drpath_1_1b.html
Cu Slide 2 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu02_alat.html
Cu Slide 4 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu04_alat.html
Cu Slide 11 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu11_alat.html
Cu Slide 12 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY /cu12_alat.html
Cu Slide 13 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu13_alat.html
Cu Slide 16 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY /cu16_alat.html
Cu Slide 17 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu17_alat.html
Cu Slide 22 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu22_alat.html
Cu Slide 23 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu23_alat.html
Cu Slide 25 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu25_alat.html
Cu Slide 26 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu26_alat.html
Cu Slide 27 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu27_alat.html
Cu Slide 28 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu28_alat.html
Cu Slide 29 THE ANTEROLATERAL PATHWAY cu29_alat.html
Spinal Cord C1 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS crdc1_04a.html
Cu Slide 1 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu01_tri.html
Cu Slide 3 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu03_tri.html
Cu Slide 6 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu06_tri.html
Cu Slide 10 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu10_tri.html
Cu Slide 11 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu11_tri.html
Cu Slide 12 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu12_tri.html
Cu Slide 13 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu13_tri.html
Cu Slide 14 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu14_tri.html
Cu Slide 15 TRIGEMINAL PATHWAYS cu15_tri.html