1) Neuroscience Online: an electronic textbook for the neurosciences. This is a free educational resource provided by the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. It is really superb and we urge you to make use of it. The online version works fine on computers, but since visualization of the figures requires a flash player, they are absent when the material is viewed using an Ipad.
     Section 2, Chapter 14: Visual Processing: Eye and Retina
          14.1 Measures of Visual Sensation
      14.2 The Image Forming Process
          14.3 The Retina
          14.4 Rods and Cones form the Basis for Scotopic and Photopic Vision
          14.5 Visual Processing in the Retina
          14.5? Clinical Manifestations of Retinal Dysfunction
          14.6 Summary
     Section 2, Chapter 15: Visual Processing: Cortical Pathways
          15.1 The Visual Pathway from Retina to Cortex
          15.2 Retinotopic Organization in the Visual Pathway
          15.3-7 Clinical Examples
          15.8 Summary

2) The Nervous System in Action by Michael D. Mann. Click on MANN TEXT to access the internet version of this excellent textbook. The home page provides links to individual chapters and also offers PDF links, making it easy to print copies of the text. You can view the material directly on your computer screen, but print out a copy if possible. The reason to do so is that we will refer to specific pages in the text, and these are not shown in the computer screen version. In Chapter 5 see the following:
     Chapter 7 Vision

3) The Digital Anatomist. This is an excellent program developed by the Dept. Biological Structure, University of Washington, Seattle. It contains a huge library of views of the brain. We will refer to specific figures in many of our modules, including this one.