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The idea here was to try to demonstrate that the cell columns really are columns, but it isn't easy to do on a limited number of sections. Here we are looking at the motor columns and you may be able to see that:

1) The Nucleus Ambiguus, Facial Nucleus and Trigeminal Motor Nucleus (SVE) do line up, one in front of the other (but difficult to pick out because of the colors used)

2) The Dorsal Motor Nucleus of the Vagus, the Superior Salivatory Nucleus and the Edinger-Westphal Nucleus (GVE) sort of line up, but it is a very discontinuous cell column. (The Inferior Salivatory Nucleus isn't present on the slides selected).

3) The Hypoglossal Nucleus, the Abducens Nucleus and the Oculomotor Nucleus (SE) line up, but again the column is a discontinuous one. (The Trochlear Nucleus isn't present on the slides selected).