skull, falx cerebri, venous sinuses, and brain - a midsagittal view


     The main point of this view is to show you what some of these structures look like in "real life". Start by confirming the identity of the superior sagittal sinus, the inferior sagittal sinus, the straight sinus, the falx cerebri and he falx cerebelli.

     Then, just for fun, compare the position of the lamina terminalis here and in Figure 1-8 and see if you can describe how this most rostral structure (in Figure 1-8) occupies a more central position in the adult brain.

     Finally, consider this: you are working in the emergency room and someone comes in who has received a bad blow to the forehead. You notice that he seems to have a "drippy nose". You ask him if he has a cold and he says "no". What do you think of next? The clue is in this view.