1) Neuroscience Online: an electronic textbook for the neurosciences. This is a free educational resource provided by the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. It is really superb and we urge you to make use of it. The online version works fine on computers, but since visualization of the figures requires a flash player, they are absent when the material is viewed using an Ipad.
       Section 2, Chapter 1: Overview of the Nervous System.
1.1 The Central Nervous System
          1.2 The Cerebral Hemisphere
          1.3 The Diencephalon

2) The Digital Anatomist. This is an excellent program developed by the Dept. Biological Structure, University of Washington, Seattle. It contains a huge library of views of the brain. We will refer to specific figures in many of our modules, including this one.

3) Charlie Rose: The Brain Series. Working in collaboration with Eric Kandel, Charlie Rose has produced a series of 13 hour long group discussions about brain function. They appeared at monthly intervals, beginning in late 2009 and ending in early 2011.Kandel leads the discussions and most episodes have 4-6 additional participants. Many of the programs contain sections that are directly relevant to material in the Pixelated Brain and so we will provide the appropriate links at the end of many modules. For a listing of all episodes, click here.

Episode 1 The Great Mysteries of the Human Brain with Gerald Fischbach, Cornelia Bargmann, Eric Kandel, Anthony Movshon and       John Searle 10/29, 2009.

    Additional Sources of Information for Module 1