The Pixelated Brain is a free, self-study tutorial designed to assist medical students taking courses in:             NEUROANATOMY               NEUROSCIENCE

The material is covered in 14 modules, assembled in a manual; each is appropriate for a two hour laboratory session in a medical school Neuro-anatomy or Neuroscience course.

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   1 The Skull, the Meninges and the Cerebral Hemisphere
   2 The Brainstem and Spinal Cord
   3 The Dorsal Column-Medial Lemniscus Pathway
   4 The Trigeminal Pathways and Anterolateral Pathway
   5 The Descending Motor Pathways
   6 The Cerebellum
   7 The Basal Ganglia
   8 Cranial Nerves - the Branchiomeric Group and XII
   9 Cranial Nerves III, IV, VI and Eye Movement
  10 Blood Supply of the Brain and Spinal Cord
  11 The Visual System
  12 The Auditory and Vestibular Systems
  13 The Limbic System and Hypothalamus
  14 The Dorsal Thalamus


   Frontal Sections through the Brainstem
   Frontal Sections through the Whole Brain
   Horizontal Sections through the Whole Brain
Sagittal Sections through the Whole Brain


   Review 1a
   Review 1b
   Review 2
   Review 3